Naim Service Request in US

Thanks, I’ve certainly tried that along with a hard reset several times, which has always worked in the past but unfortunately not this time around.

Bad luck. Hope you will succeed to service it.

Failing that send an email to Michel Rousseau at Naim NA, who I believe handles the servicing (see the posts above).

Hi All,

I am located in San Francisco, CA USA and have a CD5x, transport still working flawlessly; however, the left channel output level was on a decline. Chris West at AVOptions unfortunately no longer services Naim CD players. Upon communicating with Jimmy Roussos at Focal Naim America (“FNA”) in Canada, and him checking with their CD player technician, they stated that, based on prior experiences, it is likely a DAC failure which is still serviceable. Communications were then handed off to Stephano Petrocca (all communications using the same email address, “”) who generated the RA#, etc., and my sending the unit to FNA at their Champlain, NY warehouse which was delivered 11/27/23. This warehouse handles the customs clearance for shipping onto FNA’s Repentigny, Quebec service facility. On 12/08/23 I received a system-generated email stating the unit was in the queue for an estimate and that I should receive a response “…between 10 and 20 days”. Since then, nothing. I have emailed a few different email addresses, including the “ticket@…” address, over the last couple weeks, and left voice messages as well, but no reply/update. It’s been over two months now. Anyone else having issues with delayed servicing or lack of responses from FNA of late?

My understanding is there is a considerable backlog after some problems with integrating a new ERP.

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Huh, recent stuff sounds unfortunate, hopefully just a hiccup.

Working through a Naim dealer is probably very smart. Here in Washington State, I work with a leading Naim dealer which regularly send in vintage stuff to Naim NA for recap/resto.

I think it’s amazing that Naim keeps this service up. Truly. It can’t be profitable for them, I think it is just part of their awesome company approach.

I have a 32.5, 160, nDAC, and NAT03 all serviced by Naim NA. Well worth the effort.

Just a general happy review over the last decade+.

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Naim NA?:thinking:

North America I would think.:grin:

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A what?

Of course!:sweat_smile:

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Enterprise Resource Planning [system]

Could this be why I’m still patiently waiting for Naim to ship my dealer the NSC222 I bought?

OMG! Are ERPs still a thing? :roll_eyes:

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It’s a generic term for a new software system. They clearly didn’t engage a proper implementation team.

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Thanks all for the responses. I’ll just hold tight and trust that it’s still in the queue and not lost. Luckily I have a backup CD5x on which Chris West at AVOptions replaced the transport (back when they were available) and, paired with a Flatcap2x feeding into a recently recapped/serviced NaitXS, done by Chris as well, all works flawlessly and sounds great.

b-lilja If your recaps/servicing of vintage gear via your WA State dealer has been in the last 10-12 years or so I suspect it likely they were done by Chris West at AVOptions. He was formally with NANA, before that working at Naim in Salisbury. When NANA folded (or whatever happened) he co-founded AVOptions and became the authorized USA restoration/service point for Naim.

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No - they went to the Naim North America service center in Canada. Much less expensive than AV Options.


That’s good to know, thanks!

That’s very interesting(?)

US dollar is very strong compared to Canadian loony.

btw, there are new Philips VAM1202/12 blocks available on ebay and the seller should confirm whether the spindle height and laser power is calibrated for your player.