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Today I have had a visit from Edwardo a Service Technician from Naim to place the “Gull Wings” on my NAP 500. There was a manufacturing defect on one of them, as this is my second 500 since late May, won’t go into why here, it was decide between my dealer, the rep and Naim the quickest solution would be a home visit.
All I can say is the level of detail and accuracy required that goes into building a 500 is exceptional, a customer rarely gets to see his 500 stripped down and rebuilt on his kitchen table.

So, a big thank you to Edwardo, Colin (Naim Rep) and David from the Sound Organisation in getting this issue resolved


Nice to read something positive for a change.


It’s great to see inside the 500, something that I know I’ll never own, but always covet

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Good service combined with a strong kitchen table.

They fancied a ride in a Bentley with Naim I guess.

I do as well, but all I have is Harman in a Citroen.


Got any more pictures of the autopsy?

Got to be honest, looks a bit shoddy to me. Ill get my coat. Sounds brilliant though.

A bit like the legend of the broken suspension spring on a Rolls Royce many years ago.

A special team from RR attended to the breakdown and when the customer asked for the bill, nothing was proffered on the basis that RR’s springs don’t break and RR disavowed the incident.

…will this thread be deleted :smile:

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Nothing more to be seen, the top grill and wings were removed and replaced. The procedure to remove them is quite complicated and needs to be done in a specific order.
The rebuild was intricate in setting up gaps around the case to ensure symmetry. Probably bit harder to do on a kitchen table rather than purpose built workbench that rotates to allow easier access to all the screws
The cooling fan is mounted under the the heat sink and if required blows cool air through the heatsink and out through the top grill. Apart from that what you see is the circuitry for each channel

It was great to see, thanks for sharing.

I will admit that the wires in the foreground of the pic do look a bit shoddy - but they are dressed like that on purpose to avoid them touching the capacitors & heatsinks.
Ed is one of the operatives who builds the 500 from the ground up.



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