Naim set up difficulties - malfunction


I am experiencing a couple of issues.

First: no sound coming out of my NAP 200 DR with my DAC connected to the CD input on the back of my NAC 202. I am using a RCA to 5pin cable between the DAC and the NAC 202. However, when I use RCA to RCA between the DAC and phono input label CD in the back of the NAC 202 music plays. Regardless of the input connected to the back of the NAC 202, there is a slight hiss even with the volume turned all the way down. The noise increases noticeably when I turn the volume knob almost all the way up.

Second issue: I am using a stageline connected to my turntable and the back of the NAC202. The stageline is connected to the aux 2 input & power. Music plays, but there is a louder hiss and hum louder than with the DAC selected when the volume is turned all the way down and/or not playing music. The hiss and hum get a lot louder when I turn the volume knob up past half way.

I have a second set up at home with a home theater receiver connected to a pair of dynaudio bookshelf speakers and the speakers are completely silent (No hiss and hum) with the volume down or all the way up.

Unfortunately, I have been reading the manuals and googling for answers to not avail. Any support you may provide to solve the issues will be greatly appreciated. I am attaching a few photos as reference.

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You should never use both aux 2 input sockets at the same time.

The problem with the CD input is because you have the phonos selected. You need to change this to the din socket. Instructions are in the manual. I wonder if you have read it.

Hiss is normal with Naim. You should not have hum, which will be caused by an earth loop. Hopefully only using one of the aux 2 sockets will help.

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Good point. The cable connected to the aux 2 (lower one) goes to the headline. I changed it to a different input now (tape). The hiss and hum has reduced noticeably now, but still there. Perhaps, there is a connection to the other issue I mentioned or I am missing something else. Still no sound from the DAC.

Thanks!!! :grinning:

Did you read my second paragraph?

The Stageline, being a phono stage is very sensitive to any electronics - especially power supplies and digital kit - being close by. By the look of it you seem to have a Chord DAC on top of it, which may well be causing all sorts of noise problems. Try moving the Stageline well away from anything with a big power supply or any DAC.

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Good point. Thanks. Does that (Moving the stageline way from power supplies) applies to naim NASCP and Hicaps too?

Definitely move the Stageline away from them, yes!

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OK. What about the headline? I will do my best given the available space in my rack. Will report Back any improvements.

Headline has no power supply inside, so you should be OK.

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Yes I did. The CD input work now :grinning:

Thank you all for the advice.

DAC: Now the DAC - CD din input work very well with a slight hiss noticeable with the volume turned all the way up but I never listen passed half way. It is plenty loud. However, a tiny hiss is still there with the volume turned down all the way.

Stageline/turntable: Using one aux 2 at a time helped a lot with the hiss and hum from the stageline. Also moving the stageline away from power units and digital electronics helped. I may need to move them further away and perhaps look into better mains cables too.

Strangely, I can hear music a tiny hum ever so slightly coming from my turntable (Not my speakers nor stageline) even with the volume of the NAC 202 all the way down. That seems odd. Any idea what could be happening there?

Thanks again!!!

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