Naim Setup - Introduce Hicap?

I am relatively new to NAIM equipment which I have recently acquired due to the sad death of a relative. Attached is a picture of how I have set the equipment up and I would appreciate any comments on whether this looks correct! I also have a 2007 HiCAP 2 - would this setup benefit from introducing this and if so how?


No, this is not correct, or at least not completely correct…

Disconnect the SNAIC4 between the NAP150x and the NAC112x at the NAC end, and re-connect to the FLATCAP - the second socket along, which should also be a DIN4.
Ensure the banded end of the SNIACs are correct - always closest to source of the music signal.

You can add a HICAP here. Dedicate the Flatcap to the CD5 and then connect the DIN5 of the HICAP to the NAC112x and the adjacent DIN4 to the NAP150x.


Many thanks - will give it a go!

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