Hello people, I’ve just recently purchased a pair of NAIM SL2’S. Unfortunately I have blown a tweeter. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be a problem. But as I’m assure most people on here know that these have been discontinued. Mine are the four hole fixing ones

If you can’t get hold of any old stock of the D2010 851100s then you can use the latest version (852100) but you’ll need to drill out a couple of holes in the tweeter bracket to allow room to connect to the terminals, which are in a different position.

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It may be worth speaking to a company such as Falcon Acoustics (outside Oxford), who supply loudspeaker drive units, kits and fully built pairs of loudspeakers.

If they have something similar, you might have to change the tweeters in both loudspeakers.

(I should confess that I would never dare do something like this myself!)

I would have thought changing both at the same time would be wise to ensure they are matched?

Yes, you should change both tweeters.


Originals not available new but you could look on the market for a pair. May get lucky

There was similar discussion in the forum, try search it with “ 852100”

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