Naim SN2 / NDX Match

Hello, I’m new here.

I have a Naim SN2 / NDX, super nice combo. My room is 2.5m x 2.5m

I’m struggling to find cables and speakers to pair with them. I’m currently using Chord Epic X and KEF LS50 Metas, and the sound is being distorted at both the upper and lower end. Not good. Every time I get into the music, I get hit with a distortion and it’s pissing me off! I thought it was the speakers at first, so I got another set of LS50 Metas to test and the distortion was still happening.

So… now I’m back to square 1. I’m thinking Linn K20 speaker cable, and pairing it with some ProAc DB1s? Do people think it will work? Any other suggestions?! I’ve got a budget left of around 2k or so, and I just want this system to sound perfect in this small room!

How long are the speaker cables ?

Is all the equipment ok - can you substitute in some other source and amp components as it sounds like you may have an issue with one of these ?

The Supernait should ge able to drive your Kefs without distortion. Get it checked out for faults, and gave it serviced if necessary. This could be a sign of a fault which could deteriorate over time or even damage the speakers.


1.5m on each side for cable length.

Hmmm… I have another Cambridge amp I could sub in to check the supernait is working properly? Alright, can try this and report back.

The other thing I didn’t mention - I’ve used my Grado 325 headphones with the SN2 NDX and it’s all worked perfectly fine!

Hello Ibrahim, Welcome to the forum.

You have nice combo and there is no issue with either Chord epic X and KEF LS 50 metas, I think the issue is somewhere else, May I ask you how the SN and NDX has been connected I mean via the supplied din cables or the rca? I’m sure that the speakers cables are company terminated. If assuming everything is connected correctly then you should not have any issues.

1.5m is very short. Naim amps generally work best with longer cables. Try something at least 3m long if you can.


The SN2 really needs 3.5m each side at a minimum. Can you try some longer cables ?


One other thing to consider here is that you may be experiencing distortion caused by acoustic issues. Small square rooms can be very problematic, and if the ceiling height is similar too, then you have a cube, with all sides the same dimension which is about as bad as it can get.

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1.5 meters are too short I used the epic cables 3m each side with no issues before replacing them with nac a5 5m each side.

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How loud do you listen to the music? Which may also add to the issue with the square space as Richard commented.

I ran a SN2 with a pair of ProAc D2’s, Naim Ovator S-400 and ProAC D30 speakers.

As others have mentioned I would recommend that you purchase a longer pair of cables. I had picked up a used pair of NAIM NAC A5 speaker cables from my dealer when I bought my Naim gear that were approxiamely 4.25 meters long. Other brands of speaker cable would work with the SN 2, they just to need to be much longer than the ones you are currently using.

Alright, thank you so much for the replies.

So turns out I had wired the speaker terminals the wrong way round, it’s kinda crazy why the right sided terminal is left and vice versa…. I guess it’s a test to see whether you’re smart enough to use Nait or not?? :smiley:

Anyways, the distortions are gone, so I can keep my LS50 Meta (phew! I love the look of them)

And now, I’ll order some longer cable to make it even better hopefully! Will sort out some Naim cable 3.5m +

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Now my next step is to sort out power.

Currently I’m used the stock cables (black cable white plug) into a 4 switched wall socket.

I’m going to run a wire out of this mains port and put in a 2 unswitched wall socket, and run Merlin Black Widow cables from this unswitched socket to my SN2/NDX. Sound like a good idea to you awesome people?

If you’re looking for advice I’d suggest a Naim Powerline plugged directly into the wall socket for your amp.

The Standard mains cable Naim supply works well enough. A Grahams Hydra is a neat solution if you want something simple, as it connects multiple boxes to a single socket.

The power line is way out of budget for me unfortunately, trying to get part of the way there with a lower cost method

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What makes you think that the Merlin cables are any better than those that come in the box with your Naims?

Proper dedicated mains is the thing to do. There are lots of threads about this if you do a Forum search.

Im not sure… alright I’ll test the Merlin’s and if they don’t turn out better than the standard cable, I’ll sell them on.

And I got a set of NAC A5, 3.5m each side

Going to get it terminated with deltron plugs. There’s no additional SQ benefit to the Naim banana plugs right?


Anything else I can do for some low cost improvements?

Im going to put it up on a shelf, but I only bought a 1 stand shelf (see pic), so im putting the SN2 up on the shelf and leaving the NDX on the solid wood. Seems alright?

Use the Factory Naim banana plugs and make sure they are soldered properly.