Naim Snaxo 362 and 242- new and half price

There is a Kudos dealer in the US that is liquidating Kudos speakers and has a few new Naim Snaxos. I have never heard Kudos active with Naim amplification but highly regarded on this sight. Maybe the last opportunity to explore Naim/Kudos active in the US at a good price!

Are they tuned for the Kudos speakers?

It should be identified as such on the rear of the SNAXO as per the attached photo.

Something to look out for.



The dealer is closing out Kudos speakers so I assume the Snaxos will match. I run Snaxo 362 with Nac 52 and 3 Nap 250s so I am not looking for an active crossover. Always liked Kudos sound with Naim amplification.

See the thread “ Kudos 242 snaxo connection”.

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