Naim speaker plugs (amp end)

Hi all.
Is it me???
I’ve just received my terminated WH N2 speaker cable - it caused a bad night’s sleep!
Put them in situ when they arrived, still to ‘dress’ them correctly. The sound was ‘bassless’ - checked that all conections on the speakers were correct: yes. Swopped to make double sure; got a ‘pulsing’ noise from left speaker as there’s a Rel sub also attached, so put them back. Turned the Rel up - a little better, but not right. Got up early, as it was ‘bugging’ me. Looked at the back of the amp: the plugs, with the cable pointing downwards, looked A-ok - then looked at the plastic casing around the the pins: the damned positive side on the right channel had the marking for ‘+’ on the wrong side; I now have to have (until I take the casing off & reverse the pins - must remember I’ve done it) the speaker cable facing upwards on that channel!
So, am I correct: there is only one style of Naim plug, with the ‘+’ always facing the same way, or is there actually a left & right one & WH have made a mistake?? :thinking::blush:
Look forward to finding out (if) “it’s not me” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Ps: they replaced Chord Clearway & so far I’m extremely impressed with the improved (one step closer to the music sounding like the bands ‘in the room’ with me) sound.

There isn’t a left and a right of the sa8 plugs.
The positive terminals are on the outside. So you solder them up mirror image of each other.

Looking at the back of the amp, you should have this:


If I’ve understood you correctly this has caused the speakers to be wired out of phase. Would it not be easier to reverse the connection on one of the speakers to correct it? That’s assuming you’re not using Naim plugs at the speaker ends?

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Hi Chris
Didn’t think of that :relaxed:, but I think I’m less likely to forget, in the future, if I just unscrew & reverse the pins, but bless you for that.

Hi Robert. Many thanks: it’s ’not me’ then phew!
(WH put the ‘plugs’ on) :relaxed:

I’m sure you don’t need Naim plugs on N2 cable. They are for NACA5 because it’s very stiff.
Replace them with standard banana fittings.

In this have you the pos on the base plate reversed on the teminals on the plug on the left hand side plug in the picture?

Surely you could push the pins out of the base plate, rotate by 180 deg, reinsert the soldered pins, and keep the plug tops as in your picture, but then by inspection the pos (positive side of the cable) will be in the right orientaton for the amp, and match the cable and pos tab on the plug base.


That’s a found image with my red and black finger painting added, just to show how the amp terminals are arranged.

OK…no worries, I was not having a go, I just like to see things right…

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