Naim speakers non Naim amps

I’ve been a longer time user of SBL speakers, love the sound and convenience of backs against the wall. Perfect, as far as I’m concerned if you have kids. I long to get SL2s but that another story. Anyway back to the topic. I have mainly used them with Exposure amplifiers with good results but just wondered what amps others have used and how they worked for you, good or bad.

You wouldn’t want to do that.

They were designed to work with Naim amps.


Had SBLs since they first came out and they work excellently with Exposure amps. Are you saying they only work with Naim amps ?

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In the words of a well known doyen of the HiFi industry, ‘JV learnt everything he knew about amplifier design from John Farlowe’. Make of that what you will, but Naim and Exposure designs have a great deal in common. The early Exposure stuff even had the same speaker cable requirements as Naim.


Well, they were designed to work with the Naim amps, but I’m sure they also work with almost any suitable amp.

Yep. Naim and Exposure did always seem to follow a similar path. Great amps and still a strong presence in the market with some very good value products.

I realise they were designed with Naim amps which is a given but just enquiring if anybody uses different makes and what results. At one time I had them active with Exposure active crossover.

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I owned IBL’s for many years but only ever used them with Naim amplification. I was always of the view that although Naim speakers will obvioiusly work with any suitable amplification, they are just speakers after all, they are at their best with Naim amps.

Synergy is a word rarely mentioned these days, though it was hot in the 70’s and 80’s. The concept of two or more components working together to produce a whole much greater than the sum of the parts. That is the case with Naim speakers and amps I believe.

Having said that, if you take a look at a certain fishy forum you will find their a gentleman who goes by the name of suffolk Tony. Ex of this parish he runs DBL’s with Accuphase amplification. Not an obvious or even likely match I would have thought but he seems very happy with the results.

I’ve a friend who uses SBLs with Exposure IV regulated amps but is looking to replace them after a couple of decades. I’ve used allaes with Rega Cursa/Maia in a second system and found it a fine combination.
My ex dealer (now retired) used to use a Rega Osiris with his SBLs for several years and possibly a Tom Evans Linear A, though that might have been after swapping the SBLs out for Audionote Es.

I was considering getting a Rega Osiris but will probably stick with the Exposure

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