Naim stageline and supernait

I have a naim supernait with hicap should I power the stage line with the hicap or supernait?

I would try the former if vinyl is your only source. Otherwise the latter.


I have pretty much the same set up (hicap, sn1, stageline). Hicap powering the ‘nait, ‘nait powering the stageline is the way to go IMO. Found the hicap to the stageline a little aggressive and lost some of its natural warmth and detail.

Stageline BTW is a fantastic little device with the ‘nait. Just a perfect match.

Try both n hear what u prefer… I ended up buying 2 hicap Dr one for each… N then a few weeks later upgraded to naim separates​:loud_sound::loud_sound::notes::notes::grin:

Thanks guys :+1:

Love my naim!

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