Naim Stageline N - Older Model

Hi All,

I’ve been looking to replace my Rega Fono Mini with a Stageline N for my P3/Exact II which will likely just be powered via my XS 2. I’ve come across an older (2002) model that only has the one DIN connector. The price might be right but I’m curious if there might be a reason to avoid an older model?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

No - but do need to be serviced, as with all Naim kit…

2002 - thats 19 years…???

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Yeah, the serial number is 189810 which looks to be 2002. Thanks for the response.

Do notice the issue with Capacitance loading.

Not something I can explain but there seem to be knowledge out there which can explain matching and non matching kit.
Some claim certain Audio Technica and Ortofon cartridges may demand low Pf.

I would expect your Exact/Fono must be a perfect match being from same maker.

I’m not totally convinced by the match of Rega MM and Stageline N, other cartridges matching better in my experience, which may be reason enough to avoid.

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Thanks Richard. I’ve been reading good reviews of the Stageline/Adikt combo which has me thinking. It also leads me to contemplating moving away from MM to MC. I’ve always felt it was overkill for my P3 but lately I’ve thinking it might be the place to start (cart + phono stage then a new TT somewhere down the line).

Thanks PerF. There is definitely a lot of people that feel the same way about matching Rega MM cartridges to Rega stages. My motivation is more to get into a Naim stage, so maybe I should be thinking about a move to a different cartridge which makes it a bigger step financially.

I would leave an MC until you have a better deck. For now the Adikt and stageline should go together well, and of course it’s perfect for your forum username…

The Stageline loading is interesting.
Its not clear to me which MM cartridge to be optimized choice.

As I understand Stageline is basically identical to older 322/522 preamp cards.
At the time of these were launched, Linn K5/9/18 or Goldring various were among the class leaders.

I have 2M Bronze and G1042 waiting for my Stageline N, exiting winter time ahead, a Lejonklou and Rega Fono is ready for fight.

I run a Goldring 1042 into Stageline N - sounds lovely. Keep us posted on the results of the battle!

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Thats such a lovely and revealing cartridge, get it right and not much compete was my last conclusion.
Have considered a G1022x stylus too which makes it basically an Adikt I’ve heard.

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