Naim stageline N

I need some help. I have a stageline N i hv the hive pin din used for powering it. Im using the 4 pin din to rca yo plug into my headphone amp. However I dont serm to be getting any sound. Any ideas?

How are you powering it ? Have you had it working before trying it with your headphone amp ?

As James asks, how are you powering the Stageline and how connected? Does it otherwise work OK?

Im powering it using the isupply which is plugged into the five pin din. The led green light lights so its receiving power. My question is can i then use the 4 pin din to rca to go to my amplifier

I can’t see why not as long as it’s wired correctly. Where did you get the cable from ?

The cables are naim nos so they are original cables

I hv my my linn lp 12 plugged into the stageline n, the 5 pin into the ipower then the 4 pin din to rca to my amplifier.

That all makes sense and should work. Have you tried this setup with anything else so you know the Stageline is working ?

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No its the first time… I wanted to know if the setup was correct, because its connected to a home built just built valve head phone amplifier. Now I know the naim setup should work. I will check over the amplifier to see if I hv a fault there.

Ah - understood. I take it you don’t have another amp you can check the Stageline with and vice versa, another source to check your newly built amp with ?

Hope the fault tracing goes ok.

Dear all, I have solved it, it was the headphone amp. I had incorrectly soldered the headphone socket. Now works perflectly, thank you all so much for you support its appreciated. My system if your interested.

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Naim Stagelin n
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