Naim stageline s/audio technica at33ev

Someone have experience with this combination?
Actually I have a Hana el, that works fine with the stageline s. The amp is a nait xs mki and the tt rega p25.
I want to prove other cartridges. I didn’t find information about, what would the excellence math with the stageline s.


The Stageline S is designed to work with Low Output Moving Coil carts - of which there are many.

Google tells me the AT33ev is a Low Output MC. So…

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Low output Dynavectors are another well known match. There is a point where upgrading the deck will yield greater benefit however and I would suggest this is somewhere below the cost of a 17Dx.

I was thinking on upgrade the deck, but I have affection to this table.
I have read the dynavector and stageline works fine together.

Yes - unless you have a high output MC DV such as a 10X, when you need N boards, not S.

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