Naim stageline S MC

Naim stageline S MC

Trying to buy a used stageline partnering with Rega P5.

The seller told me

“stageline s for low output mc cartridge, =100uv=0.1 mv”

Can someone please tell me in plain simple English what that means ?

Can I use it with Rega P5 as long as I buy “MC” cartridge ? Any other parameters I have to be aware of ?

Thanks in advance.

The Stageline S is for low output MC cartridges (ideally ranging from 0.2-0.6mV). What cartridge do you have on the Rega P5?

I have not bought Rega 5 and cartridge yet. Is this type of low output MC very rare and not recommended ? Should I get the Stageline N instead and forget about this S ?

At the level of a Rega P5 you would most likely be using a MM cartridge, in which case a Stageline N would be most suitable.

thanks Richard

@Richard.Dane, which PSU is best for a Stageline regardless the cost? hicap dr, hicap, supercap, …?

Undoubtedly the Supercap. Whether it’s the best way to spend the money though…

Thanks @Richard.Dane, so the second best would be a hicap dr, I guess? I am in the market for a psu for my stageline k, right now it is from the pre-amp.

That depends on the pre-amp. If it’s a NAC552 then the AUX2 might be next best. Possibly if it’s a NAC252 or NAC52 then you may prefer to a Hicap…

Thanks again @Richard.Dane, much appreciated for the advices.

It means it is suitable for low output moving coil cartridges. This would not include those such as Dynavector 10x5 or Dynavector 20x2H which are the high output type of moving coil cartridge.

I have found my Stageline S to be very suitable with my Audio Technica OC9ML/II cartridge which I chose on the advice of a contributor here.

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