Naim Star: protecting from power outages

I was connecting my Star to a power conditioner but it was suggested it’d sound better just plugging it into a regular wall socket…so I did.

But now, how can I protect it from power surges/outages?

What do you think now? Why would you need to protect it? What do you think might happen?

If you’re concerned about lightning, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by using a plug-in surge protection device (assuming that’s what you mean when you say “power conditioner” although I think that’s a generic term for devices that claim to improve ac mains quality which is a different thing.)
Protection against lightning means unplugging mains power and network connections.
If you’re concerned about less extreme mains power fluctuations, blackouts, brownouts, etc. there may be devices that could help, but possibly at the expense of sound quality.

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The first depends what sort of surges you get on your mains: for lightning the only certain protection is to unplug completely, from mains and any other wiring. But if the issue is less than stable mains you might need something like a constant voltage transformer, or other power conditioner (though I have no experience on which to suggest).
For the second you nedd an UPS. Actually a UPS type approach - including charger, battery and inverter - might be the solution to all (except lightning). But for adequate performance I guess it may need be pretty high peak power capability.
Where do you live, giving rise to such concern?

My power conditioner is just that, a power conditioner. It sounds like I mistakenly thought it offered surge protection too.

The types of surges I’m concerned about are:

  1. zapping out the power when I plug in something that requires loads of power such as a treadmill - I’ve taken care of this concern by simply using another outlet far from my stereo
  2. lightning
  3. unexpected power outages that affect the entire block/neighbourhood

So the solution sounds like I just need to disconnect from the power outlet during huge storms or when I go on vacation and there are no proactive measures than that.

I’m in Vancouver, BC.

Any lightning storms - small can wreak as much havoc as huge.