Naim stream player hierarchy?

hello guys

best ND555?
second NSS333?
third NDX2

is the sequence is right?

thanks a lot

The best one is the one that you can afford, for many this could be the ND5XS2.


The short answer is yes, that’s correct.
That assumes you are not considering the NDS which I would put in second place. Then you have the added complication that, with the exception of the ND555, different power supplies change the performance and cost of the streamers considerably.


thank you buddy, I got it!

and left out the NSC222 +NPX300 …

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Yes, I’m also confused about this stream-preamplifier category. What’s the difference with the legacy stream player…

222 has the streamer board from the latest series players (NDX2 etc) with a DAC and pre-amp. Naim have learnt how to combine these in a way that only very slightly affects the sound. I gather the 333 is better but the 222 is very very capable, especially with the NPX300 and for very many it would be quite suitable end point. It is for me (optimised with appropriate rack, cables, ethernet).


I agree,it‘s so naim and keep things as simple as possible.

What we should do is just play and listen.

But my concern is whether the sound quality differs obviously

If you want to extend the conversation beyond separates, where do you stop? Naim make streaming preamps, all-in-one players (Unitis) and Musos. Obviously they compromise sound quality compared to separates, but if course they still have their place.

It depends, as you are comparing Apples with Oranges - existing/older range vs NC.

The only real way to determine this is to do a listening comparison. Then form your own view.


Uniti Nova :sunglasses:

I assumed the OP was talking about streamers that a naim dealer can sell today. Get orders in quick for ndx2 with green naim light. White option is available.

red pill,blue pill, which one do you choose? :crazy_face:


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Yes, but… my point is that actually comparing the NC units vs the previous range, is the only solution here. All else is just… opinion… :neutral_face:

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But it’s also only an opinion, based on a subjective personal listening impression.

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