Naim streamer and Google Nest?!?

Hei:) Can I control the Naim streamer with Google Nest? Or control Qobuz and play it through Naim streamer?!?

Not reliably, in my experience. Google Nest can turn on my Nova, and sometimes I get music out of it. This is music from YouTube music including about 10,000 tracks I’ve uploaded. But it can’t play music from my local server AFAIK. Just now I asked it to play Beatle music. It played for a few seconds, stopped, started up for a few seconds, stopped . . .

I turned it off (no luck doing that with Nest), and tried again 5 minutes later. This time I got a good music stream.

Also, it finds my Nova but not my Muso. I suspect that’s because I’ve renamed it Soundbar, and Nest interprets that word differently.

Sorry for digression, but do you use YouTube music as a source for audio files?

Is that the same quality as, say, Qobuz?

No - I have a Qobuz account. I did the upload a while back (before Qobuz in the U.S., I believe, and definitely before I bought any Naim equipment) because I was curious and uploading and listening to uploaded music are free. Not sure if that’s true for new users, but it still is for me.

I’m pretty certain the uploaded tracks are all lossy, and I’m also pretty sure YouTube substitutes its own versions when available. But in addition to my Nest, I have three operating ChromeCast Audio pucks, and they can’t play Qobuz on their own. Only YouTube Music and Spotify.

Finally, I should mention that it’s possible to play Qobuz through ChromeCast. There may be several ways, but I use the LMS (recently renamed Lyrion Media Server) with its Qobuz and ChromeCast plug-ins. Also free except for the remote.

After some struggles at the outset, my Nest is much more reliable controlling music sent to Audio pucks.

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I may have been over-critical of the Nest/Nova combination. It’s not so much technical questions while playing, although those occur. It’s Google’s struggle to understand my request, especially when I ask it to play one of my playlists. More than half the time it either tells me it doesn’t understand or plays a YouTube generated playlist. I’ve tried to ask in various ways, but I haven’t found one that works consistently. However, if I say, “play music by the Beatles,” it will play from my Beatles uploads. Or I can say, Play Music From Big Pink, and it will play my uploaded recording.

Also, I changed “Streamer” to “Bedroom Streamer” and Google can now find it.