Naim Streamer wish list: DAC MODE

Hello Everybody
I would be thrilled if the next drop of Streamer Firmware would include a new feature:


In this mode only digital inputs would be selectable and the Streaming hardware would be set in standby / disabled / power down mode / ignored at startup.
In best case the Audivo Board on older models would be completely ignored and could essentially be removed. In case it would break down the DAC MODE FW could be forced onto the hardware saving it from the recycle centers.

I would pay for this addition, let’s say 500 bucks when my NDS/555PS could become a Ref Dac for the next 20 years

Think about it. Should be a 2-3 hour SW DEV job! Thanks for considering it

You are joking, right…? Or… you perhaps know very little about Software development…



You might be quicker getting some snips and a soldering iron out :laughing:

Just take out the physical hardware bits you don’t need?

(This is NOT a serious suggestion btw)

You can already use any Naim streamer as a DAC only or streamer only, so none of them need ‘saving from the recycling centre’.

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Or just buy a used NDAC - better in every way and will soon be down to $500.

I exactly swapped the nDAC for the NDS and feel the improvement.

Just a brief comparison as I’m fascinated by how it can sound so different yet being very similar.
The window is just much more open with the NDS. It’s like you feel the urge to step back 1 meter because there is so much information at once. Like being too close to an orchestra. Much more music and tonal “size” information, more delicate sparkle and extended depth. The nDAC is more enjoyable in some particular areas like bass slam, whereas the NDS is just suited differently and sits in another league.

But my point of interest here is not the comparison, but regretting there is no such thing as a pure Ref DAC from naim anymore. A DAC MODE would be the closest and welcomed by many owners I guess.

The thing is I do not need the Streaming Hardware at all when running in Digital Input 1, 2 or 3.
It will just heat up the case for nothing.

Think about it, it would be nice! Have a good evening

I’ve had a similar thought in relation to the CD players where the mech has failed. Obviously a fair degree of modding would be needed which is why I’m sure it isn’t viable…

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