Naim Streamers - Online Music Service Bitrates

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A rather basic question: for Naim Streamers (NDX, ND5XS2, NDX2, etc…) what’s the maximum bitrate they can playback by music service (not UPnP / local files) ?? For example, Tidal can play X, Qobuz, Y, Spotify Z…Are they different or does it purely depend on the service? Thanks!

Qobuz supports up to 24 bit/192 Khz, which my NDX 2 happily streams. Tidal will be limited to CD quality (16 bit/44.1 Khz) on Naim streamers, as Naim doesn’t implement MQA.

Obviously, if you go through an intermediate box that can do the extra unfolds, and then transform to an appropriate PCM bitstream, you’ll get higher bitrates through Tidal. There’s a bit of debate as to whether Tidal unfolds work, but I haven’t bothered to form an opinion.

so will an original NDX also stream Qobuz at 24/192? Same for an ND5XS?

May be worth adding that the NDX/ND5XS don’t have built-in support for Qobuz, but will play the 24/192 after setting up one of the workarounds

thanks - that’s an important point I forgot; native functionality only - no workarounds…

Spotify havent launched that level yet have they? Limited to 320 kbps currently until they pull their fingers out their arses and launch a higher res

Spotify streams 16/44.1 material but it’s compressed to the 320 kbps bitrate. Different things

At what point to people just give up and get a Naim DAC?

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