Naim streamers with Dac

Looking to get a Naim streamer with Dac. Only using for 1 system so dont really care about multi room and right now mainly using with Bluetooth as cant connect to modem as it is too far away

Any suggestions

Bluetooth on a Naim streamer is like buying a 4k TV and then watching films with a Ferguson Videostar :thinking:

So you are saying you have no WiFi?

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You need a reliable network connection for any streamer.
Bluetooth will provide a direct connection from a phone or tablet to a streamer, but that device still needs a reliable WiFi connection in order to work.

To quote John McEnroe

You CANNOT be serious

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Blutooth thats cableless?! How can we then discuss cables?

Maybe @Richard.Dane could help , because he knows vintage gear. I have absolutely no idea on how level play these Hafler.
Do you want to keep them?

The Hafler 110/220 was not a bad pre/power at all back in the '80s. You could buy it fully built or as a kit. It had some quirks, and it wasn’t really up to say a NAC42/NAP110, but if it has been serviced then it should still be quite useable today and should sound quite reasonable.

However, I would agree that using a Naim streamer just with Bluetooth is waste of its capabilities. Bluetooth is so limited in performance and not always a reliable way to connect.

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I agree using a Naim streamer with bluetooth is a waste right now. However ther are now higher res standards for bluetooth that are above cd quality. The issue is getting them supported. My Questyle dac supports 96/24 thru bluetooth…sounds great right? No not great…my Apple ipad doesn’t support that standard right now.

Just to add one point…i have done some reading on this new standard (ldac) and it seems that it doesn’t really quite hit 96/24…but it is higher than cd 44/16. Still excellent if it was supported.

As I read it, the OP is looking for a Naim streamer to replace the Bluetooth setup he is using now. If he resurfaces I dare say we could talk him into getting an ND5XS2 and using it over a proper network connection.

The LDAC decoder requires a licence, I don’t know how high the fee is

Muso ?

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