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hi, I have a Linn Sondek LP 12 with Syrinx PU3 tonearm and Denon DL 103 pick up,connect to a Naim Superline with a Naim 252 + supercap and NAP 300 amp .
The Superline comes with an assortment of resistance and capacitance plugs that I can use as needed for my cartridge loading. Is there some guidance on best capacitance setting given the specs of my cartridge?
It is possible to connect two Turntables with Superline??
using them one at a time naturally…!!!

  1. I rang Naim and asked them.

  2. No!




Lindsay, Richard, ‘No’ to what?

Chap asked a couple of questions.

Here’s a thread for a rainy day, not sure the 103 is in it but It may be.
Or just experiment, you can the loading socket are in parallel so you can use the parallel resistor formula to get a wider range of values. Too high and it’s a bit sharp on top and bass is fast but has no weight, too low and it all gets a bit stodgy. Set the R before experimenting with capacitance, most don’t add any or maybe 1nF if they hear voices. Try 500R to start with.

Yes, true. My “no” applied to having two turntables connected to the Superline at the same time.

As for best Superline load for a DL-103, I have an ESCO’d 103 that I have used with a Prefix K, but never experimented with it with different loads on the Superline.

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Sorry I was a bit brief but no you can’t wire up 2 turntables.

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thanks Yeti for your advice. I will try to start with 500 because even in my opinion it is the best choice !!

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