Naim Supernait 2/3

I am looking to buy a Supernait 2 or 3 for my second system - whch due to space will require me to use small speakers + a subwoofer (I happen to have Monitor Audio Radius speakers + a B&W PV1D sub in the loft I was thinkin gof using)

Is there some way of introducig a delay to time align the stereo speakers and the sub?

If not, is it best that the sub is best placed near one of the stereo speakers?

The supernait 2 has a dedicated subwoofer output, i dont think you need to worry about time alignment.
Your subwoofer should ideally be located relative to the room rather than the speakers.

Plenty of info on the forum eg Best way connecting a subwoofer to supernait (1)

You have lost me on this one, not sure why you would need time delay? Subs frequencies are not directional so you can locate in any position but generally work best in a corner.

I run a sub of the Nova fine, next to one speaker in my case. On a SN it should just be plug and go :clap:

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