Naim SuperNaIt 3 and Hi Cap

Has anyone ever upgraded their SN3 with a Hi Cap? Can you talk about the results?



It’s well worth doing a search on Supernait 3 Hicap. You’ll find a 500+ post thread here. As a Naim dealer, surely you are better placed than most to know exactly what it does.


3 years ago?! Blimey that went quick :rofl:
I had multiple HiCap’s on different systems, many of them NAIT’s. I dropped it from my SN3 and never added one back in, plenty have and enjoy whet it brings of course.


I sure love mine on my SN3 but it’s all I know. I’ve had a SN3 with HiCapDr from the beginning. (used the HiCapDr with my XS2 previously and didn’t want to sell it). Next month my HiCapDr is scheduled for service so I’ll run my SN3 without it for awhile. Hope the SQ drop isn’t too much


I use a HiCap DR with my SN2 and the results are fantastic. More air and delicacy. Without, the sound was dark & chunky. I can only assume the SN3 will perform in a similar fashion allowing the internal power supply to power the amp section while the HiCap feeds the preamp. It’s a classic Naim upgrade and it works.


I’ve used a hicap dr and supercap dr on Supernait 3 with improvements with both. I know the supercap is overkill and doesn’t make sense but stupid hobby.

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yes i did and it was worth while - not as night and day as adding it to the SN2 ,but more clarity


Sure, it just seems remove a very thin filter and reveals more, a a greater dynamic quietnessin the space between. I particularly feel like i got more out of what my ndx2 brings to the table


I have got my supernait 3 in October, my Hicap DR this February, and then added Naim power lines to the NDX2, Hicap DR and supernait 3.

The HIcap adds more tension and definition to the bass, is also apparent the uplift in the perception of the details, add sharpness overall and the supernait 3 gets a deserved uplift. Without it the supernait 3 sound is more relaxed and less secure. The supernait without the hicap sounds really good, with it is a more precise and more addictive sound. I could live happily with both presentations and I like what the hicap dr added.

The Powerline alone on one device replacing the stock cable did not work as I expected, but going on the three naim devices with a Powerline it was an interesting upgrade, the sound losses some harshness and gains control without nasty behaviors.

The system is connected to an audioquest Niagara 1200 with an audioquest hurricane, and all power lines after, this combination gives a big out of the speakers presentation with great bass, good detail and texture. If more detail and texture is preferred with a thinner sound and less bass an audioquest tornado on the Niagara is better.

The Hicap DR is a good upgrade but as most things in áudio what works for me in my Roon does not necessarily translate to any other users Room, even in my home if I change the room of the system the results are very different, so take my opinion as personal and try to listen for yourself if possible.

My hicap is very new and also could need burnin and change with that I hope for the better.


The HiCap DR is a lovely upgrade for the SN3. The already good SN3 sounds even more articulate and effortless with the added PSU.


I bought an almost new HiCap (only about 6 months old - ex demo) so nicely run in! The SN3 sounds wonderful on it’s own but curiosity got the better of me! My thinking was that I could probably sell it on if it did nothing for me. When I plugged it in for the first time I noticed very little difference. You have to sit and listen carefully to notice the improvements but I started to notice a bit more after about a week or so the subtle differences …and they are subtle, more space and opening up of the sound stage. I think Stephen - you summed it up best with the word ‘effortless’ …the SN3 alone has plenty of control and authority - the HiCap just makes it sound more effortless and therefore more compelling to listen to.
Will I keep it ?
definitely!!! :grinning:


Be careful, be very careful! :grinning: … I did exactly the same with my SN3 last year … the hicap was only the start of my curiosity problem :joy:

Edit: I found the same uplift, subtle but very worthwhile to me


I hang on by my fingernails at the clifftop of the abyss of expensive upgrades trying not to lose my grip!


Well my beloved HiCapDR is now finally off getting serviced. I’ve had it for just over 10 years according to it’s serial number.

I always wondered if the SQ drop would be huge, well I have my answer. I’d say yes there is a drop off but it’s not huge. My system now just seems to missing “presence” if this makes any sense. This is the first time I’ve heard a SN3 without the HiCapDr. I can’t wait til it’s back in my system. @MarkInTime and @Stephen_Tate are spot on. The HiCapDR makes everything sound effortless.


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