Naim Supernait 3 stolen

Hello Everyone,

I have been informed by my movers that the truck containing all my belonging has been stolen. I purchased the amplifier in May 2021, Australia. The naim amplifier serial number is shown in the photo.

The movers have made a police report and the truck is still missing. Anyone sees it for sale online or in any used dealer shop…it is stolen goods. Thanks.

Bad luck :frowning: Assuming you’re in Australia? Will keep a look out on my auction site travels regardless. Hope you get your stuff back.

Oh no. I hope the truck is found, an SN3 can be replaced, but all your belongings is awful. Good luck!


Yes, I am in Australia. Even my CDs, Vinyl and hifi has gone missing. My only audio possession now is a couple of CDs, DVDs, RME Dac and Bose headphone.:worried:

Every audiophile’s worst fear!
I wish you well, hope you get your belongings back and that the perpetrators are caught and strung up by their Buster Browns!

Damn! that’s rotten luck. I hope everything is insured, but that doesn’t help with any sentimental stuff.

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Sorry to hear this Isaac. I would suggest you email Naim and let them know the serial number so they can add it to their register.


The movers are insured. The only stuff that will be difficult to replace is the music collection and family photos. I am still waiting for the police report before any claims can be made. We have started a list of missing items and looking for invoices and receipts that may be available on our laptops. Not sure how long it’s going to take as it has never happened to us before. Thanks for the kind messages.


I was unaware theft could be reported to Naim, I had a Unitilite stolen a few years ago and it has never been found, it would be good to have a register of stolen equipment so it makes it more difficult to sell on.

Really sorry to hear that. Despicable people.

Damn bad luck and damn effing criminals :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I wish you all the best, my flat was burgled and my entire system stolen (twice) the second time they left the flat uninhabitable.

The things that can be replaced like the SN3 are one thing, all your personal effects …

Your dealer may well have records (no pun intended) do you have photos ?

best wishes

I have the invoice from the dealer. Can I post it here? Payment was made via bank transfer.

That really sucks, sorry to learn of this.

I would recommend not doing that, especially if it has any personal info on it, as it’s a publicly viewable forum.


As a former insurance company employee , your insurer may need it, but there’s no need to post it on this forum .

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Thanks for the advice.

Talk about crack the shits. I hope the coppers catch the filthy mongrels.

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