Naim Supernait upgrade?

Hello colleagues! I have Supernait. I am very pleased with his performance. The built-in Dak is also great in my opinion! It was produced in 2012! If I send it to Naim, will they be able to recycle it and separately upgrade it to the latest version 3? Anyone have experience with these things? Thank you in advance for your time and I wish you much health, happiness, success and luck! Greetings, Teodosi.

Hi, no, none of the supernaits can be modified into other supernaits.
I would get it serviced during the next 5 years (which is recommended between 12 and 15 years of age for classic components) and consider adding a hicap dr.

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You can always talk to a dealer and see what the trade in value would be for a SuperNait 3. …or used SuperNait 2 if any are around.

Unfortunately you would need to also pick up a DAC as well.

Good luck with you decision…

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@Teodosi , it is worth checking out. We have the new Supernait 3 with a Chord DAC and nSats via NACA5 and could not be happier with the setup. We use Roon via the MacBookPro. I love a high end system that will fit in the front seat of your car!

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Thanks a lot for the answer! I understood everything! Sorry… I already have an external power supply for Supernait, but it’s not a Naim one. I am happy with the final result, although I have not had the opportunity to directly compare with the Hi Cap. Good luck and Cheers!

If it were me, I’d try and have a listen to a SN2. There are many who feel it was a big improvement over the original SN and similar to the SN3.


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