Naim supernait

Good afternoon, everyone. I have Naim supernait 1. Will I be able to connect naim 552ps to the naim hicap dr place?

No, you can’t use a 552PS with the Supernait as the 552PS uses split rails. Beyond a Hicap, you could step up to a Supercap.

A HiCap, particularly a DR version is a very well worthwhile upgrade on a SuperNait 1. Beyond that, there’s the SuperCap that Richard mentions, but if you’re spending that much, you’re probably better off with swapping the SN 1 for a SuperNait 2 or 3.



For Supercap money I would go pre/power. Maybe add a 282, then trade the Supernait for a 200DR or 250 + Hicap. Having said that I’m not sure we understand exactly what the OP wants to do. Why would anyone have a 552PS without a 552? Maybe he has both.

Thank you very much for answering my question.

NAC 552 with a Supernait as a power amp would make for an interesting experiment.

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