Naim SuperUniti DAB+

Hi to all, Not that I listen to DAB radio all the time except for sport coverage, but can it receive DAB+ broadcasts? My reason for asking is I did a retune today but there’s certain stations that are not there. My car DAB tuner has loads more stations that the SU can’t get right now.

I do have DAB antenna on my chimney stack which does seem to be in good condition.

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Hi, the Superuniti certainly supports DAB+ so I don’t think that is related to your problem.

Thank you guys, I unscrewed the, ‘F’ connector and there’s water dripping out of the cable, so I called an aerial contractor to have a new coax cable fitted. Hopefully that’ll sort things out.

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It might just need reterminating and applying self amalgamating tape at the aerial end; typical coax cable is hollow and so any water ingress can travel all the way through, though a drip loop can prevent that (even if it’s supposed to be for water on the outside of the cable not internally!)

It’s quite hard to reliably dry out a coax with water in it though and water would seriously affect the cable’s performance. So replacing it with a new cable is probably a wise move. If it were me, I would probably get a new antenna fitted at the same time as water may well have got into balun at the antenna and corrosion could well impact performance even if new water ingress is excluded.

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Yes, a six element is being fitted too. The existing aerial is around 23 years old, and a new antiference is only £40:00 more so it was a no brainer to get a new one.

Thanks again for all comments and advice​:sunglasses::+1:

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