Naim T-shirts

As sold by Tom Tom. Really naff :frowning:

I do have a T-shirt with the current Naim logo on the left breast but sadly the shirt appears to have shrunk somewhat…

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Definitely t shirts designed by hifi geeks…oh, hang on a minute

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I’m baffled why anyone might want a Naim T shirt. It would just make you look like the sort of person to stay well away from.


In my younger days most of my clothes were metal/goth style bought from Manchester’s, sadly now defunct, underground market.
I’ve mellowed slightly now and just wear T-shirts and jeans - only in black of course. An occasional, tiny splash of green would be fun :wink:

And if they do magically arrive us folk outside the UK will never to the opportunity to grab one. I gave up asking.

That just might increase their value and make them even harder to get. :grin:

Have you noticed how mirrors are nothing like as good as they used to be as either?


That would suit me down to the ground!

Jason left a couple here when he visited us for a home install. Helen uses hers to sleep in, I haven’t opened mine.

I also have one with a 552 on the front from Tom Tom which I wear for DIY, gardening, car washing etc. Now I come to think about it, no one comes near me.

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Wouldn’t a proper naim t-shirt have a core central bit, with additional arms that you can add in later, one or two, for added definition and heft?!

Look at Tom Tom audio shop …

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Will do, cheers.

Naim T shirts were great to use to hang over the front of the gear.
Fold in half ( width wise ) and hang over the front edge to block the green lights from lighting up the room at night.
But I do agree with you 100 % H.H.

In Aus the brand it’s that well known and a Naim tee shirt would be a mystery to most. It sure beats wearing Nike or any of those large mega brands.

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As a kid I had a “ CHUM “ t shirt which is a radio station here in Toronto Canada
I wore it in the UK … didn’t realize it was a dog food brand in the UK …


It is here too. That’s ok my wife bought me one with a large yellow box printed with “warning I do dumb things”. It always gets a laugh and as I’m reasonably clumsy it fits. I wear it with pride.

Sorry corrected a spelling mistake, me and Siri spend a lot of times fighting over words.

My wife bought me a genuine Naim shirt
Exactly as worn by the reps at demo days

Have no idea how she got it

Sadly mine also seems to have “shrunk” …funny that…it couldn’t be me that’s grown

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The Coronavirus in the air attacks cotton and its reaction is to shrink a bit. Wear the T-shirt when you have your vaccine and it will reshape itself after 3 weeks.

Why the embarrassment of a t shirt with a logo of a company producing world class audio equipment, for goodness sake man up and be proud to proclaim your love of the equipment, which of course you should own…

Fwiw nobody I know has a clue what or who Naim are so it’s a good talking point, and I’m certainly not embarrassed to talk about it…

They did some really nice ‘posh’ ones as a trial run at the Bristol show in early 2020 which I was hoping might become more permanent offerings.

Not Naim, but I do have an Acorn RiscPC sweatshirt. IIRC the missus bought it for me when our family went to an Acorn show at Wembley. I bought a hand held scanner there as well. Still wear the sweatshirt although its at least 36 years old now!

Shrinkage is certainly a problem as you get old. :rofl::rofl: