Naim, thank you for being grown up

I spend more time than I think I should reading this forum. The reason is; it is interesting, stimulating and informative and yes, the occasional deck chair and get some popcorn argument can be entertaining. I would like to thank those grown ups from Naim that allow this to happen. I have listened to a lot of new music from recommendations on here, some I will listen to again and some was just not my thing.
The main point I wanted to make was that I am pleased that other manufacturers gear is allowed to be mentioned. Naim and the Fruit Box company have a long history of almost compatibility, many people dreamed of an LP12 with Naim amps back in the day, but now that the Solstice has arrived, there is another choice to make. Other company gear is often mentioned, without censure, but usually within a context of ‘will this make my Naim gear sound better?’
I think that this view is because Naim is a mature, successful company which has enough faith in its products to not fear competition.
I also curse the Muso QB2, it is a gateway drug which replaced a Sonos, purely on my memory of old Naim gear as the five minute demo on the shop floor of John Lewis was less than ideal! After a month of the QB2 at home I craved a proper system again. Thirty grand later I have two systems, not all of it Naim gear, but plenty of money has made its way to Salisbury.
Thank you Naim, I enjoy music, talking about equipment and finding out about others busy lives and your forum helps.


I’ll add my fourpence worth to all that.

I found this forum having bought a Muso 2 and discovered streaming via Qobuz. For two years I have been entertained daily by the many and varied forum exchanges.

I have discovered a world of music via “What are you listening to” and re kindled a love of well reproduced sound that had been dormant for far too long.

My system having at its core a SN2 and pair of Credos my not be top end, but it’s so damned enjoyable I don’t care.

Thank you all and merry Christmas :evergreen_tree:


From an old Nait amp, through Muso’s and SuperNaits all the way up to statements (with no tape loop,) it is good to see what others are using to listen to and what they are listening to. SN2 is high end to a Sonos user :smile:

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Absolutely spot on!


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