NAIM/TIDAL copyright problems?

… Or the like? Trying to stream Fairport Convention’s ‘Liege and Lief’, I noticed that many of the tracks had suddenly grayed out and messaged ‘Unavailable for streaming’ when I tried playing them.

Open the Tidal app and there they were - all white and playable through Tidal.

What’s going on?

I had something just like that on Tidal via the Naim app on an iPad about a week ago - greyed out about 20% of my favouties for a day or two – then they reappeared.

Hi Mike,

I’ve had a look at this and unfortunately this is a copyright limitation on that album, when streaming outside of Tidal’s apps. The Tidal app will allow it to be played locally, but attempts to replay it else where is blocked (eg. attempt to Chromecast it to a Google Dongle).

Have also checked Qobuz and they are blocking the same tracks as well, so this is an intentional move from one of the labels involved. Roon with Tidal is also showing the same limitations as the Naim solution.

While looking into this, I noticed that there is an alternative version of this album on Tidal which is not blocked.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director


No problem playing “Liege and Lief” on the Naim app here. Maybe it’s now been resolved.

I have found similar problems with Tidal, occasionally albums “grey out” eg. a number of stones albums the other week. They either come back or in some cases I just replaced them on my saved albums list.

Or you might be playing the other version Steve mentioned.

Aah yes the “Deluxe” version. I generally avoid these hence I’ve missed it.
The Deluxe version works fine on Qobuz though.

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