Naim To Share Manufacturing

It is a nice package, sounds good (for what it is), looks good, all seems to work well. The app is really good and stable. Good value for the dosh…

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If it’s built by a trusted partner, why bring it to be tested is Salisbury?
Surely, it’s ready to be tested locally, boxed and shipped.

Have you ever subcontracted anything, to trusted or otherwise partners. I have :wink:

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I have. But i’m careful with the word trusted. No company’s quality manual uses the word " trust". Not one that I’ve worked for anyway.

Presumably to allow Salisbury to monitor quality & make sure units meet Naim standards before being shipped to dealers?

There is a new phrase that explains it all…

It’s called “carrying Naims to Salisbury” :crazy_face::rofl::rofl:

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Something like that, presumably…

the right proverb management people regulary use : trust is good, control is better.

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Once trust is earned it is better than control I think but there you go.

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