Naim uniti 1 Nap 200 update , tidal and Spotify missing!

Hi everyone, so a few months back I raised a topic on would a NAP200 Poweramp upgrade make a difference to my Naim Uniti 1.

I took the plunge and bought a Mint 2nd hand NAP200. 2 months in I can say I’m delighted with the sound. I also just received my Uniti back from Salisbury and they have fixed my faded screen and done the 24/192 upgrade.

So things have been working great for a week until this morning, when my Spotify and Tidal options aren’t visible.

I’ve tried the usual reboot still same problem

I can also see Spotify and Tidal in app but when I use them the uniti looks like it is doing something (input initialising) for a second then stays on current channel (which is iRadio).

Currently wired via ethernet thru a TP link as my WiFi in the dining room is flaky.

Any thoughts on how I might get Tidal and Spotify back without a return of the unit to Salisbury would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Hi sorted. Looks like it was the wired connection in the TP link. After much fiddling / trying different options When I removed the wired connection and reset everything the Tidal and Spotify options came back. Very odd!

That is funny, I turned my Uniti off today as I was moving some parts around (see other thread), and it wouldn’t boot properly. It kept rebooting in a cycle.

Eventually got it working by switching to FM just as it booted. Mine has recently come back from Naim and has had the most recent update.

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