Naim Uniti 1 screen display and CD player

Isn’t it ironic that you are sold a naim product as the rolex of hifi, and a few years down the line when the hands fall, the dial paint cracks and the inner parts disaggregate, you are left feeling it is all your fault and that there is nothing you can really do about it?

So sorry if i am blunt here, Chris, how much it is to change the CD player and can you give me a naim contact directly to try that out? I don’t trust anymore retailers who are not accountable and just charge you for nothing. Thank you.

I’ve a Uniti2, it’s a nice one box piece of kit. The screen was fading and the CD skipping, so I had the New Zealand Naim dealer replace the screen. For the CD, it was the mechanism that needed replacing, not the optics - so you have been on the wrong path there.

I’d get the CD mech fixed by a Naim dealer, or a reputable hi-fi repairer. If you can’t get the screen replaced, just plug it into an ethernet connection (or a wifi extender with an ethernet plug), download the Naim app and you are good to go.

What exactly do you mean by “Internet box” and where in the app did you see it?

And please remind me, is your Uniti 1 connected to your network by Ethernet cable or are you trying to use WiFi?

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