Naim Uniti 1 screen display and CD player

I have two uniti 1. On both the screen does not display anything.
In addition, on one of the them, I have issues with the CD player. The optical part has been changed twice without effect (800€ charged) as CDs keep skipping.
I don’t what to do as the retailer that has changed the optical parts tells me NAIM does not repair these products anymore…
I love the sound and would like to get my unitis repaired at a decent cost, but am helpless.

I would speak to your local distributor and tell them what has happened. Who did the mech repair? Was this done by the Naim factory, your distributor, Naim dealer, or someone else?

AFAIK, Naim can still repair the original Uniti (@NeilS can confirm or not here). I even think they have some VAM1202 mechs again.

My Uniti 1 CD player VAM1202 was repaired by Naim earlier this year, and the display unit replaced 2020, so give Naim a try, via an approved dealer.

We currently have 1202 mechs for these, but the screen replacement is dependant on the streaming card. Early versions are not compatible with the software required to drive the new screen.


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Thanks Neil. Is the streaming card update still available for early Unitis?

Unfortunately not, as you probably know they were sourced from a third party & are now obsolete!


OK thanks.

Sorry to ask, do you mean there’s no streaming board replacement or upgrade option at all for an early Uniti? Or that it is like the UQ1, and would need a later board using to allow a screen replacement? Sounds like no option at all though?

Currently that is the case, as we can no longer obtain the streaming cards, but I believe we are looking into whether the earlier software can be rewritten to accommodate the newer screen.

I don’t know how that project is coming along though.


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Thanks for the response Neil, appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks very much to all for looking into the problem.
So there is no solution for the screen at the moment. Is there a possibility to emulate the screen via a NAIM app at least? I tried to download the NAIM app for iphones but it does not seem to handle the uniti1.
Also is there a solution for the CD player. The optical parts have been changed twice with no effect (800€ for nothing). The retailer that did the change reached out to NAIM customer service which replied there were no spare parts available to repair?

I think that VAM1202s were did go out of stock last year but recently some more parts have been sourced.

If you’ve paid your retailer that amount for no fix then that’s worth having a conversation - was there no warranty on their repair?

The naim app works fine with the original uniti. Mine is on ethernet though because obviously I cannot enter a passcode for wifi as the screen is dead lol.

The Naim app (not N-Serve) is what you would normally use to control any Naim streamer. There are a few settings which you can only access via the front screen and remote control but for day to day use you don’t need it, just the app. When you first open the Naim app you sometimes see a list of only the current models to choose from, but you can still use it with the older Unitis.

Hello Richard,
The first time, the retailer said that I took to long to get it back to the store. I had only used the uniti scarcely since the repair until it started bugging again. So I told them I did not understand why the optical part would have a problem. Anyway, they went ahead with changing the optical part again, and told me everything was fine now and that they had tested it. 5 minutes after putting Eric Clapton on, it started skipping again (and all the other CDs too, so it wasn’t Eric’s fault ;-)). I called them and told them I was tired of this nonsense. They asked me to bring it back, then tried to ship it off to NAIM I guess and were turned down. And that was it. I told them that I couldn’t understand how they could go ahead with changing such an expensive part twice if they did not know the source of the problem was. Their reply was it was not their fault… At this point I gave up with them. Actually counting all the taxis I took to take the uniti to their office - 6 in total and my time it cost me much more than 800€.
After that I tried to contact several respected repair outlets and retailers, and they turned me down, telling me they could not repair naim products. The retailer I got in touch with told me it would be 200€ just to open the hood without knowing if it could be reparable.
So here I am…


Thank you,
How does that work in practice please? do you have instructions somewhere? @garyi seems to say that if your screen is completely dead (which is the case for me), it is not possible.
What about instructions for the ethernet possibility that garyi mentions?
Thanks again

You don’t need instructions. If the Uniti 1 is on the network then you just tap “Show me my rooms” and it will show you it.

The product specific links are there for registering and setting up new (that is to say currently sold) products. The original Unitis, NDX, NDS, 272 and so on are set up without the app, which is why there are no links for the old products on the App Home screen.

But the Naim app doesn’t completely replace the screen on an old Uniti. There are many different setup things that you can only do with the screen, or by getting someone with a screen to describe the button pushes to do what you want. This is tedious but certainly possible.


I had my 2011 first generation Uniti upgraded to 24/196 in 2016 and new display in 2018(traumatic experience and thank you DH for all the help at the time). These days I only use it for streaming and I really would not bother having it serviced again if anything goes wrong. Save yourself the time, money and headache and buy a new player/streamer.
Best of luck!

Yeah to be fair mine is principly used on my pc to hear pc sounds. When it dies it will go in the bin I wouldn’t spend any money getting it repaired at this stage

I tried, the app found the the internet box but it did not recognize the Uniti. Question is it possible to link the box and the uniti without screen?