Naim Uniti 1 streaming question

I have a Uniti 1 here, this is an original Uniti 1 with no upgrades, no Spotify connect or Tidal via the front panel. Is it possible to stream Spotify or Tidal with this unit. If so, how?

Deja vu, have you confirmed which you have?

Otherwise, plug something else into it, such as the nad cs1.

The earliest Mk1 Unitis needed a streaming board upgrade to support Spotify and Tidal. To check for this, go to ‘Factory Settings > System Status > BC SW’. If the version number displayed begins with ‘3D’ the product is compatible. If it begins with anything else like 2D, 2A or 1A you are out of luck. It used to be possible to have Naim upgrade the board but I’m not sure that they have any left.

If the board is compatible you also need to make sure that the firmware is up to date. Version 4.1 or later is required for Spotify, but you should be on the latest, 4.8 for reliable functioning of both Spotify and Tidal.

So what could i stream other than Spotify & Tidal. There is a streamer onboard so imagine it can stream something. It doesn’t have the 24/192 board fitted so no Spotify connect or Tidal on the main screen when going through inputs.

The original Unity was, as far as I recall, only able to stream music stored on your local network, such as ripped CD’s on a NAS drive using UPnP.
You could also connect an iPod to the front USB port and stream from that.
Otherwise, as Robert_h said, connect a third party streamer which does support Tidal / Qobuz or Spotify, such as a Nad CS1.
EDIT: could you connect an iPhone instead of an iPod and use an app to stream from that over the front USB port?

As Blythe says, the Unitis were designed before streaming subscriptions were around, for use with music collections stored locally on a NAS running a UPnP server. There are various workarounds that will get them running web streaming services. These have been widely discussed on various threads here, so I won’t describe them at length but broadly speaking, you can either run a ‘proxy server’ which takes a web stream auch as Tidal, buffers it, and serves it to the Uniti as if it were a local UPnP stream, or you can bypass the Uniti streaming board altogether by using separate streamer into an SPDIF input.