Naim uniti 2/ b&w 706s2

Hi All,
Many thanks for your help with speaker recommendations for naim uniti 2. I ended up after several demos with a pair of Bowers 706s2 speakers . I have them on stav 24 stands filled with sand as suggested by b&w , spiked through carpet onto concrete floor whilst using the Bowers soft dome feet between top plate and speaker . Very happy with the sound just feel slightly lacking in soundstage . Have moved around into various positions . Seems at best around 24" from rear wall and approx 30 " from side walls , good sound throughout , just not the soundstage . I purchased a rel t5i sub thinking that may help , but struggling with dialing that in , and keep thinking it sounds better without it . If I have it up to loud it seems to take the mids away from speakers . To low and think speakers are as good on their own. Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.


I have the CM5 S2 for AV duties currently - the predecessors of your 706’s. Also on these stav24 stands however I also have the official stands (which are better, did not have time to switch them back again).

My tv room looks quite different, so we cannot compare much but my CM5’s are much closer together and pointing more straight instead of toe-ed in.

Ensure they are wired in phase.

I also share the opinion that they are doing bass well, but they need indeed to be well away from the wall - this is the reason why I replaced them in my living by SBLs.

Thank you , have moved them closer together, and only toed in slightly. Much better soundstage and bass . No need for subwoofer anymore. Strange as had similar speakers in original position which have been fine.

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