Naim Uniti Atom - Analogue Input {hase

I have a bit of an odd problem with my 5 month old Uniti Atom.
The unit has been working great, either via USB from a memory card or streaming from Tidal. I recently decided to resurrect my turntable and connected it to the Uniti via a Rega amp with a phono stage. The sound from one channel was out of phase, reversing the speaker connections resolved the issue, the problem being that the speakers were now out of phase for anything else. I checked the connections from the interconnects back to the cartridge and everything is fine and correct. As the grounds are connected on my turntable if anything at the cart or wiring was out of phase it would just mute that channel. Thinking that it was the Rega that was at fault I bought a Project Phono box DS, however the issue has not gone away. The only component left (I checked all interconnects as well) is the Uniti. Has anyone else experienced this? Just reset the Uniti but no change.


Does it do it with a different analogue line level source? If so, it sounds like it may be faulty - perhaps the ADC?

In the Star you can adjust input levels, can you do this on the Atom.

I am trying to find another source but two different phono stages show the same results. I was thinking that it could be something odd in the digital domain. Very odd.

You can, but the phase of one channel is the issue and there is no option to change phase.

Can you connect a digital source and check phase? The cartridge leads on your cartridge could be reversed on one channel too. You could reverse the leads for the affected channel.

If there is a phase problem it would need to for repair.

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Iā€™d second that. Reverse the affected channel on the cartridge and be done with it.

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