NAIM Uniti ATOM - Artwork Display Doesn't Pop While Near to ATOM (Need to Reboot)

Dear All

I have just discovered that my Artwork Display doesn’t pop up when I get close to the ATOM. Although I can see the Volume Knob Gets Highlighted and Fades away after some time. My current settings on the Display is to to Turn Off Display while playing.

I rebooted the ATOM, (i.e. Plugged the AC Cord out and re-plugged in) and rebooted the ATOM and it works fine now. I sincerely hope that the Firmware 3.6 resolves all of this issues

Hi Richard - Hope this inputs are taken into consideration by NAIM in our threads.

Best Regards,

My proximity sensor has never worked, I know it’s meant to be a feature but I didn’t notice until it was pointed out to me.

This is known issue on the latest firmware for this. Support have been working on this along with other issues and will hopefully be sorted in next release.

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