Naim Uniti Atom HE Firmware Update Version 2.0

The latest (second) Uniti Atom HE firmware update went much better than the first one. With the first update I had to connect the LAN cable from the UAHE direct to the router to get the UAHE to accept the initial firmware update. The LAN cable was initially connected to a USB switch with 5 other LAN cables. The UAHE refused to update the firmware while plugged into the USB switch. The UAHE updated and downloaded the first firmware update just fine when I connected the UAHE directly to the router.

However, I just performed the second update, with the LAN cable plugged into the USB switch and it updated flawlessly. So now I can perform firmware updates even with the LAN cable connected to the USB switch.

Not sure what you did but you’ve evidently solved the bug. Thank you!


Do you mean a network switch? With RJ45 ports for Ethernet cables? Not sure how USB features in this.

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