Naim Uniti Atom HE usb 2


Why did Naim installed 2 x usb 2.0 on their HE edition ? Why not go with usb 3.0 or 3.2? I have a 2To SSD drive with more than 1200 hi-res albums. It takes long to upload in the server to see all albums each time you disconnect it. Wouldn’t it have been more efficient? If you let the ssd drive connected it stays on even if the Naim is off. Do you disconnect your drive each time?


I guess NAIM sees the USB ports as secondary functionality. Their primary connectivity would be ethernet. Having said that, their 10/100 ethernet should be slower than USB2.

I have a Star and leave my SSD connected all the time.
If it is like the Star it just goes to sleep so remembers all the data on SSD.

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I wonder if its like the reason they choose 100MB Ethernet ports rather than 1Gb, which is to do with the additional noise/processing created by pushing the circuitry to higher speeds

E.g. Melco, I believe, still use a higher spec USB 2 for the audio output and USB 3 for the other several functions on their server/streamers.

Maybe, but faster transfert also equals better music replay.

The additional noise I was referring to will actually reduce Sound Quality on replay. Melco purposely put slow processors in their CD rippers, as fast isn’t always best. There are many threads on this Forum which discuss the noise generated by USB and Network connections.

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A faster data transfer speed may speed up scanning of music and metadata so that it is accessible with less delay. During music playback USB2 will not be a bottleneck.
That aside, there are differences in implementation between USB 2 and 3 which mean that 3 should be electrically less noisy, although how these differences are perceived, if at all, is another matter.

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