Naim Uniti Atom Issues, again


My Atom keeps giving up putting any audio out when receiving Bluetooth. It shows the track playing but nothing comes out of the speakers.

The ONLY way to solve it is to pull the power cable out of it and put it back in. Hardly convenient.

I’m so sick to death of shelling out massive amounts of money for ‘premium products’ and they don’t even bloody work properly.

Just spent hundreds on a Dyson fan and it sounds like someone is drilling through f#cking concrete one house down.

Any others with this issue? My £159 Bose portable thats 10 years old is more reliable than this thing.

Sounds to me like it’s return for a refund time, or accept you may have a rare ‘rogue’ and take a new replacement. Does everything else work as expected? Is it just Bluetooth that gives the problem? I ask simply because I’ve had almost 2 years of trouble free, every day usage of my Atom, but I only use it for streaming my own music collection from my UnitiServe by hard wired connection. I appreciate everything out to work as advertised, but there seem to be so many wireless variables these days it amazes me any of them are able to work 100% all the time.

I can understand your frustration, buy personally I wouldn’t buy a premium product and use a compromised connection method such as Bluetooth. I would at least use AirPlay or Chromecast which is likely to give better sound quality as well as a more stable network connection.

That’s the only issue right now, though it causes grief every day.

Previously the unit would quickly turn on and off several times at random (when switched off), the most recent update stopped that though, touch wood.

When I’m busting my arse working all day I just need music which is convenient. Bluetooth is the most convenient.

Depending on your music sources, I can’t see how AirPlay or Chromecast is any less convenient than Bluetooth.

As others have found, I also find Bluetooth pretty unreliable whatever device I try to use it with. However, the fact that you need to hard reset by pulling the power cable out and then switching back on suggests something else may be at play here. I suggest you contact Naim support and give them as much detail as possible regarding the issue.

I know how frustrating it can be - I had times when I considered getting rid of mine but Naim have worked very hard to iron out issues - as timmo says above given the number of random devices things are supposed to work with its amazing anything works. Have you tried any different phones/tablets connecting to the Atom? Although like others have said above, I’m not sure that bluetooth is more convenient than just about anything except recording your own wax phonograph cylinders. Plus if that’s how you’re using the Atom day in day out it seems a pretty expensive box to buy for poor compromised audio. Do you have any subscriptions like Tidal/Spotify etc.? They are all native to the app and can be playing choons in less time than it takes bluetooth to connect, likewise Chromecast audio via Soundcloud or Google play music etc.

Oh it’s constantly making the relay noise when off again now.

Piece of turd.

I’m not sure what that is, but it really does not sound right. I would get in touch with your dealer or with Naim support.

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