NAIM Uniti Atom - Loudspeaker Specifications / TIDAL vs SPOTIFY

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Good day! I have decided to go ahead with the UNITI ATOM which I have auditioned 2 months ago. Nevertheless, I have seen the ability of the ATOM to drive sizeable speakers, just would like to get some thoughts on the following

  1. I have a PSB Image B25 Monitor Speakers that has the following recommended specifications,
    Input Power - 10 to 100W
    Program - 70W
    Dynamic Peak - 140W

With the above in mind, just to gather some inputs since the ATOM is rated at 40W/pc and how it is fairing if anyone has these similar speaker range setup

  1. In regards to TIDAL vs SPOTIFY, I reckon TIDAL is preferred in view of file quality from the reviews that I have gathered. Appreciate some light on this.

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Those speakers are an easy load and the Atom will be absolutely fine with them.

Spotify is a compressed format and generally sounds pretty poor. Tidal is lossless and sounds a lot better.

I’m sure You will be very satisfied with the Atom. I’ve had my Atom for one month it’s excellent with a amazing sound.

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Personally, I would chose Qobuz over Tidal for sound quality. I have also used Apple Music and Spotify for the range of music available and the Spotify connect app is superb in conjunction with the Uniti range, especially when you have a large family.


Im using Spotify after ending both my Tidal and Qobuz subs, reason is down to too many missing songs on Tidal and Qobuz.


I’d suggest giving Qobuz a trial. After all it won’t cost anything unless you like it enough to sign up. But I’d probably wait a month or two for the system to run in, first.



Thank you for all the inputs. Qobuz is not available in Malaysia apparently. I believe TIDAL would be the best under HIFI.

I had these speakers a few years ago. They will be fine power-wise with the Atom. To get the magic out of the Atom, you may need an upgrade.

Any suggestions on the upgrade?

I have Focal Aria 906s. Superb mids and very good soundstage. Perhaps lacking in bass just a touch but I have got used to it and really like them.
Look at ProAc Tablette too for a similar price and many folk here like Dynaudio.
If your room is a bit bigger check out the Focal Chora floorstanders.
Best bet - audition at home or at least take your Atom to a few speaker stores. You are probably at the point (where I was, depending on your budget) to go for either a bigger or a more sophisticated sound.

Tidal is much better than Spotify. Qobuz is a bit better than Tidal ( but it’s close) so you can go for Tidal with confidence

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