Naim Uniti Atom pre-amp out

I’d like to use my Atom as a streamer to an integrated amp. Anyone doing this? Is the output static for volume? Can preamp output be isolated from speaker output?

People are doing it but it’s far from ideal. The preamp output is post volume control, so you are always using two preamps, and the output cannot be fixed, neither can the power amp be turned off. It really would be better to sell the Atom and buy an ND5XS2.


That looks like a good solution. Hate to get rid of the Atom because it’s such a neat little piece, but it’s becoming less than ideal for what my situation is turning into.

You could use it with a poweramp, what’s the thinking behind getting another integrated?

Real shame that naim didn’t put a digital output on the atom, that’s why my qute 2 has lived on so long lol

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