Naim Uniti Atom - putting some weight on sound

Hi All,

Looking for some advice. After many years of owning a seperates system (Marantz CD63SE MK2 KI/NAD3020/KEF speakers) I have “upgraded” to a a Uniti Atom/KEF LS50 metas/stereo REL T5X, on Chord shawline X cables. The sound is very good at low volume but seems a little lightweight ( lacking punch/grunt; apologies I don’t know the audiophile term…) at volume (45+).

Would using an amp/power conditioner or other trickery help improve or should i stick with it until i can afford to go back to the separates route?

I was thinking of a potential upgrade path of either XS3 - XS2 or NAP250-ND555 (will take longer to afford) followed by speaker upgrade after the streamer has been added

Are the speakers on good quality stands? Try varying speaker distance from front wall and alternative cables such as NACA5 or TQB II.

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Which speakers did you used to have?

The CD-63 MkII KI was a very well regarded player in the 1990s (when I bought my Micromega Stage I recall the KI was a WhatHiFi best buy for £400ish - maybe 1996?)

However a 3020 could never be described as powerful.

Having checked an old photo the amp was actually nad 317, speakers were kef iq5 floor standers.

If you’re used to floorstanders it could simply be that the metas don’t shift as much air, especially at high volume.

They are on custom 36mm mdf cabinets, i have played with distances, bass isnt the issue as the subwoofers deal with that, its the midrange and tweeters seem lacking, rels have been dialled down to match speakers but it just feels like the system coild do with another 40-50 watts. Will look at cables, thanks