Naim uniti Atom Radio Open broadcast Radio

Hi everybody

I’m writing here because I haven’t found an answer so far. I have a uniti atom that I’ve had for a long time. I switch radios during the day and I like the Open broadcast radio which is offered in Hires in the Naim Radio Hires favorites. This radio works on the Internet, in my car but… Not on my atom… for 2 months

What’s the problem? The radio sends me back to naim…

Anyone have an idee?!?!


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I’m reapplying because I still don’t have any info…

The OpenBroadcast company emailed me that they had contacted you (naim) but they have not received a reply from you.

Their radio works everywhere…except on my Naim Atom…

You’ll need to contact

This does not turn uup in the highdef radio category on my nd555.

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