Naim Uniti Atom Volume dial issue

Hi all,

I am afraid this is going to be about an issue that had been posted previously, but in my case that was not solving it.

The volume knob on top of the Atom is not responding, it neither lights up or adjusts the volume when I use my hand. I can still adjust the volume via the remote or the App. I have already tried the proposed solutions multiple times each but to no avail. These included a hard reset, the powering-off of the Atom for a few minutes and upgrading to the latest firmware - nothing did the trick long-term, since the issue always reappeared after some days.
I am looking forward to your support. Thank you.

I advise that you email Naim support and ask them what they suggest.

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Or contact your supplying dealer, especially if it’s a fairly recent purchase.


possibly the ribbon cable has come adrift between the volume control and the board. i had a rattle in my nova so my dealer had a look (it was a suspended board rattling… doh), but he was very carful in dressing the ribbon connecting the volume control on the top plate, as it will cause the issue you mention. Have a chat with your dealer who maybe able to just open it up and check.

Thanks for your replies.
The Naim tech team got back to me with this uplifting piece of information:

This issue is now a known software bug and in turn our software team have been working of a fix.
A Software patch will be released in the next update to address it and this will be in the near future.

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I’ve had the same issue for around 6 months and still being told to wait for an update, it’s becoming a very painful wait! :cry:

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