Naim Uniti Atom with a sub

Hi there

have added a small active sub to my atom using the preout under the assumption it would just work. Nothing, no output at all and I can’t see any setting to turn on the pre amp out,

Any ideas?



Hi, the pre out should just work without changing any settings. What sub are you using? Is it connected using a regular stereo RCA cable?

I presume you coupled it to a low level input on the sub.
Plus putting your fingers on the input phono plugs gives you a hum through the sub

I had two subs connected to my Atom and later Atom HE. There is nothing to setup except for connecting the pre-out of the Atom with the low level input of the sub.

thanks for the replies! ITs a cambridge audio minx X201 (its active), using a standard RCA cable from pre out into the subs input. I assumed it would just work also,

the sub hums if i touch the connector a certain way yes.

hmmm, tried with a shorter set of RCA leads and it works, just at a really really low level. Tempted to try a specific “sub” cable. Or is this just a marketing ploy?

Have you checked the volume control on the subwoofer?

yeah - all the way up!

are the sub woofer cables a con? or do they work better?

How long is your sub cable? A very long cable can cause some Naim power amps to become unstable, and in this case a ‘slugged’ cable is required, in which a resistor is added. Naim used to supply such a cable, and possibly still do, or you could get one from Designacable.

Alternatively, does your sub have a high level input? If so, this can be a better option in some cases.

……also, without wishing to insult your intelligence, you have connected to the sub input, and not the output sockets by accident, haven’t you?!

Hi Chris

yes its connected to the right place ha. The original cable was 2m, the one I tried (that produced the quiet performance was 1m).

Perhaps I’ll look at a different cable then

Thanks for all the help all

hmmm - Same issue with a “subwoofer” cable. Just really low volume from it

any other ideas?

I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work. Have you spoken to the dealer who sold you the sub, or to Cambridge Audio. If you’ve checked that all the settings on the sub are correct perhaps there is a fault somewhere.

yeah I pinged a note to Cambridge audio earlier, will see what they say

Thanks again

I suggest you ask the shop for a replacement sub. Like you say, it should just work.

It’s something up with the atom. Connected it to a nad unit I have elsewhere and it works fine.

Annoying as it’s out of warranty now

Thanks again for all the replies!