Naim uniti atom with powered speakers

Ive had my planned set up as

  • adams tensor delta powered/active speakers (existing)
  • naim uniti atom HE edition (buy new)
  • add naim muso 2 to kitchen (buy new)
  • add naim muso qb to 2nd living area (buy new)

That way, from what i can understand i can keep my current adam speakers (which i love) and build a multi room setup around.

Ive recently come across a good deal on the original naim uniti atom. Can this be used with active speakers? And would it work in the above set up?



Yes. But…

The outputs are single ended (RCA) not balanced. So they are not suitable for long runs of cable. If the Atom sits between the speakers and the interconnect is fairly short (3m or less) then it will work. If you want to site the Atom further way, I’d suggest the HE and use the balanced connections (XLR).

If you use headphones at all, I’d not bother with the non HE Atom. Regular Uniti products don’t have very good headphone amps for serious headphones. If it was me, I’d get the HE for the superior headphone ability and balanced outputs. If you go for passive speakers in the future, you can always add a power amp.

Assuming you have the version of the Tensor Deltas with balanced XLR inputs, the Atom HE would be the best option. The regular Atom has only unbalanced RCA output, and it’s best not to mix the two connection types, even though you would still get sound out of them.

Ok. Thanks for the info guys. Its much appreciated.
I dont use headphones much and the speakers would be approx 1.5m max away from the centered naim unit.

And yeah. My deltas have balanced xlr inputs.

Naim say that the preamp in the HE is improved compared to the original Atom, and the balanced XLR out is a better match for your speakers.
If the Atom is a bargain price you could try it, but the HE is really the right choice.

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Consider that the HE could change this. The difference in headphone experience between my HE and my Star is jaw dropping. And cause it has an XLR headphone output you can run long cable in a lounge for headphones as well.

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