Naim Uniti Core - How to fool the editor to allow two versions of the same music to co-exist in the database

I have several instances where I have the same performance of an opera, with the same cast and conductor but remastered by different companies, in this case EMI and Warner. I want to compare the quality of the remastering so I can learn which company might do a better job. Which means I definitely want both versions accessible for listening. Unfortunately, the Naim editor overwrites the earlier edition. And that is in spite of the fact that I deliberately misspelled the title so it wouldn’t seem to be a duplicate.

Earlier version:
Album title: Gounod: Faustt (Note my deliberate misspelling)
Artist: Boris Christoff; Victoria de Los Angeles; Nicolai Gedda; André Cluytens

New unedited version:
Album title: Gounod: Faust
Artist: Andre Cluytens

There are three discs. I didn’t catch the problem until it had overwritten the first two discs. And the editor overwrote my editing on the third disc! It now reads like the new one.

Anyone else encountered this? What might be a workaround?
I actually have another similar situation with a performance of La Traviata and misspelling the title seemed to solve the problem and both versions are co-existing, but in this case the earlier version is the original issue and the second one is a remastered version. I’m guessing there is something else that the editor focuses on besides album title. I’d sure like to know what it might be so I can have both versions of Faust.

Have you tried ripping the first copy
Then moving those files to a USB stick
Then change the title using a computer
Then rip the other version
Then put the USB stick in the core and load the files from there ?

Do you have a computer you can use to rip one of the CDs, as I believe it’s at the ripping stage that the albums are identified as duplicates.

Yes @ChrisSU is right. You can do whatever you like to the metadata but it won’t change anything because the Core identifies the disc by the number it reads off the CD.

The way to do this is indeed to keep the duplicates into the downloads folder. @HiFiFoFum suggests one way, but the simplest way would be rip all three discs of one copy, edit the disc titles like you want in the Core using the app (but you could do it later with a metadata editor programme) then find them in the Music/MQ folder with your PC and copy (CRL C) them as a whole, then paste (CTRL V) the files into downloads folder. Now when you rip the second set it will overwrite the first set in the MQ folder but not in the downloads folder.

Then repeat for as many sets as you have.



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Naim Forum comes to my rescue yet again with several useful suggestions!!

David’s suggestion sounds easiest for me to do, so here I go…

Thanks again!


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