Naim Uniti Core & Sonos Surround

I have recently bought a Sonos Surround System for my TV. It consists of a Sonos Beam, Sonos Subwoofer and two Sonos Ones. It produces an excellent source for 5.1 Dolby Digital sound from TV and DVD/Blu-Ray and I have experimented with playing stereo music from my streamed Roon sources to produce an effective pseudo surround sound. My primary music system consists of a Naim Uniti Nova, Naim Uniti Core, Spendor A7 speakers and a Hegel Mohican CD player.

Even though the Sonos output does not compare to my primary system I was interested in trying to stream my music on the Core to the Sonos System and wondered how best to do it if I could. All my main equipment is hard wired to the one router and on the same network. The Sonos System is on the network but not wired to the router. I control everything with the appropriate apps from my MacBook & iPad. As I indicated previously I use Roon to stream from Tidal & Qobuz.

Roon will work with Sonos, so you should be able to use it to stream music from your Core to both Sonos and Naim streamers.

Is it possible to stream music directly from the Core to the Sonos without going through Roon? I could wire the Sonos Beam to the router and the Sonos app does allow the source to be a UPnP server. Any advice would be appreciated as I am a novice at linking devices.

A smart TV or bluray player should be able to see your Core and play from there.

I believe Sonos have their own modified version of UPnP, and I can see no reason why it wouldn’t be able to see the music on your Core. I’m not so sure about running it via the TV, as you will want to stick to regular 2 channel stereo PCM.

Thank you Chris SU & Mike S for the suggestions. I use my Core to feed my Naim Uniti Nova / Spendor A7 main hifi system and the query was only to see how I might play the Core output through my surround system. Following Mike S’s suggestion, I have checked and Sony Bravia TV does see my Core and I will try that route. The thought related to the Core came out of me playing my Roon music streaming of Tidal & Qobuz through Sonos and being “entertained” by the pseudo surround effect it produces. The Core gives me an opportunity to hear my ripped CDs that way. Of course it is nothing like the quality of my primary system but dependent on the material it is worth the effort.

So does your Sonos setup take a 2 channel signal from the TV and play it on a multi-channel system? If it can do that with TV sound, I guess it would also do it with a regular stereo stream from the Core also routed via the TV, although I’m not sure if the sound quality will be that great. No harm in trying, though.

Exactly. I have put a CD/Blu-ray player playing a stereo source and stereo streaming via Roon through the Sonos Surround and by increasing the surround effect to the Sonos Ones and setting the Music Playback option on the Sonos App to “Ambient” got, as I said, an interesting pseudo surround effect. The Core as source is just another “give it a go” option. You are right, the sound quality is nowhere near that of my main system but the Sonos speakers, especially the great sub, do produce dynamics far better than I expected and the surround effect is enjoyable.

Have you added your Naim Uniti Core to the ‘Storage’ and Music Folders accessed by the Roon Core (look in the Roon Knowledge Base online)? That way you are combining your Qobuz and Tidal listening with your local music library on the Uniti Core.

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